How does it work

Anybody can make calls from the Netherlands to any destination in the world through WereldBellen without any hassle. To use the services of WereldBellen you do not need a subscription. You do not even have to register as a user. You can make calls right away.

Follow the steps below to call any phone number in the world quickly and easily:

  • On the homepage in the window in Step 1 enter the name or the country code of the country you would like to make the call to.
  • Consequentely the destination with the corresponding 0900 number is shown in Step 2 together with the related tariff.
  • Dial the 0900 number.
  • After dialing the 0900 number and choosing the desired language (2 for English), you are asked to enter the international telephone number you would like to call. This number should have the following format: 00 - country code - city code without the leading 0 - subscriber number, followed by a hash (#). If for example you would like to call the number 02-2856361 in Brussels, Belgium, you should enter 00 32 2 2856361#.
  • You will immediately be connected to the number you have dialled.
  • If you want to end the conversation, just hang up.

Do you have questions or remarks. Please send an email to